ATSiP Resources


SPSS Version 17 (last updated January 2010)
A Beginner’s Guide to SPSS for Windows: Entering and Analysing Questionnaire data
Download data sets (raw data; with value labels)

Choosing the best test (last updated March 2008)
A flow chart designed to help test selection, concentrating on simple designs with no more than 2 variables (e.g. one IV and one DV). Also available as a gif image.

Statistics Resources


Psychology Workshop
Online demonstration experiments. Please contact me if you would like to use these in your institution.

DMDX Workshop Materials


Random order generator (Perl)
Simple program for creating random permutations of the numbers 1-n. Useful for random assignment of stimuli or participants to conditions.

Research Resources


Appointments (php/mysql)
Staff indicate when they are available for 15 minute appointment slots.
Students select an available slot; enter their student name, number and (optionally) a reason for the appointment.
The system sends emails to both the student and the member of staff, and adds the student's name to the slot so that it cannot get double booked.
The confirmation emails contain a code which can be used if either party wishes to cancel the appointment.

Room bookings (php/mysql)
Based on the same script as the appointments, but all times are initially available, and the slots are 30 minutes long.