Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child need to be?
We have various studies in progress at any one time. Each individual study has specific age requirements so we generally recruit children from 0-12 years old and will contact you if a relevant study begins.

Are you looking for babies from monolingual or multilingual backgrounds?
Some of our research focuses on babies who only hear English, but we also conduct research which may require babies with exposure to other particular languages. So please specify all second language exposure when registering.

What happens after I register my child? How is my child chosen?
With every study we search those children registered, based on their age by weeks, and languages spoken. If your child is suitable for that particular study we will call you to see if you are still willing to participate. We will then give you all the details for that particular study, as well as all the information you will need to visit us and participate at the Babylab.

What methods do you use to study children?
We conduct studies where we simply observe children's behaviour whilst playing with them and showing them different objects, we also use various methods for following eye movements. All our methods are of course completely safe for you and your child, and everything will be explained to you before you agree to come and visit us.

Will I be separated from my child?
If you decide to come and visit us, you will be with your child at all times. They will either sit on your lap or in a baby chair.

How long does it take to participate?
Experiments generally take 5-10mins to complete. An entire visit lasts approximately half an hour, allowing time for information and consent forms.

Can I bring my other children when we participate?
Yes, we have plenty of toys for entertainment in our welcome lounge and staff members will be happy to supervise and play with other children.

Is there any risk of harm to my baby?
Not at all. Every experiment is harmless and non-invasive, and is generally a fun and enjoyable experience. Babylab research is conducted by experimental observation where you will be with your child at all times and most of the experiments only require your child to be sitting on your lap. Also, there are no privacy risks, you and your child's personal details are kept strictly confidential and are not linked to any published findings.

If I participate, what can you tell me about my child?
Our studies do not evaluate or assess individual children, so we cannot provide you any feedback on your child's development. However, research gathered from your child is pooled with data from other healthy children to enable us to conclude general developmental processes. You can read about these results on our previous studies page.

Where does all this research go to?
After months of testing many children and analysing the data gathered, our findings are written up for publications in scientific journals. These findings contribute to better understanding of child development and can have clinical implications for treating children who suffer hearing or language disorders.

Where can I park?
We have reserved spots for parents who are visiting the Babylab.

How do I sign up?
If you are interested in participating with your child, please follow the link 'Register my child'. Alternatively, you can phone us at (01865) 483676 (please leave a message) or email us at if you have any further questions.

I have friends with babies. Could they also participate in one of your studies?
Of course! Many of our registrations and consequential participation come by word-of-mouth. Please share this website and our contact information with any interested friends or family who have babies.