Information for parents

We are interested in finding out how young children learn about the world around them and how this changes over time

A typical study involves a one-time visit to the Babylab, and takes around 30 minutes. Parents aren't separated from their children and are with them at all times.

We have all the facilities you might need when visiting the Babylab, including a nappy changing area, a play area with toys and books, a kitchen area and plenty of space for pushchairs! For the studies we conduct, there is a small room housing the computer equipment, a play room where we can observe children and parents interacting and a smaller third room that contains, what looks like a TV, but is actually an eye tracker.

A Typical Visit

After you've registered, we'll contact you when your child is the right age for a study to arrange a convenient time for you to come in to the Babylab.

When you and your child arrive, you'll be welcomed by a friendly researcher who will explain the study in more detail and will answer any questions you might have. Your child will have time to get used to the surroundings of the Babylab, where we have toys to play with and books to look at, and we take special care to ensure that both parent and child are comfortable before beginning the study.

Once everyone is comfortable we will begin the study, if this is using the eye tracker, your child will sit on a chair in front of a computer scree (with you right behind), and we'll show various images on the screen, tracking where the child is looking. Studies often only take around five minutes to complete.

We will also film your child during the study, merely to double check if the eye tracker gives unexpected results, such as if your child turned their head away.

Other research that is being conducted in the Babylab may involve you interacting with your child in the observation room, or it may involve your child talking with the researcher to complete a short interactive activity. Again, you will always be with your child at all times during the visit.

After the study we will answer any questions that may have come up during the study. All data we collect will be kept strictly confidential, and your child will never be identified by name in any reports on our work.

Things to do Around Headington

If you find yourself with some free time after you visit the Babylab, why not enjoy one of the attractions of the Headington area? Get to know the area and find its hidden gems.

The area has some great parks which combine great amenities for children, as well as plenty of green space to enjoy running or a good walk.

  • South Park
  • Bury Knowle Park

Stay + Play sessions
Want to make more friends for you and your little one? Community-run sessions for meeting new people around the area include:

  • Marston Northway Children's Centres
  • The Roundabout Centre

The Headington Shark
Ever wonder what happened to Jaws after he ran out of work? A short stroll to New High Street will show you that the poor fellow seems to be slightly stuck in his current situation.