Ethics information for Psychology

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Departmental Research Ethics Officers

Hazel Abbott

  • Department of Clinical Health Care and the Department of Social Work & Public Health
  • Department of Sport and Health Sciences: (Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy research)

Richard Craven

  • Department of Biology & Medical Sciences
  • Department of Sport and Health Sciences: (Sport, Coaching and Physical Education research)

Morag MacLean

  • Department of Psychology

All research involving human participants (including experimental studies, interviews or collecting information about people using paper/computer records, questionnaires or observation) must be reviewed and approved at the appropriate departmental or university level before the research begins.

Research* involving the NHS, Social Care and private patients

Applications involving past or present NHS or Social Care service users including their relatives and carers, tissue samples or information should be forwarded to the Faculty Research Ethics Review Committee (via Hazel Abbott) for review and approval (using the IRAS application form), before they are submitted to the National Research Ethics Service (NRES).

Applications to conduct research with private patients should be forwarded to the Faculty Research Ethics Committee (via Hazel Abbott) for review and approval (using the E2U application form).

Non-NHS / Social Care research

Applications from Undergraduate and MSc students (using the E1 and E2 forms) should be sent to the relevant Departmental Research Ethics Officer (DREO) for review.

Applications from PhD students and Staff (using the E2U form) should be reviewed for feedback by the relevant DREO prior to submission of the application to the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC). (Please see the relevant Departmental website for further information)

Information for Psychology students - PS, PX and MSc students

British Psychological Society Research Ethics Guidelines

For Psychology Projects U24199:

See the Psychology resources page for information relevant to U24199 projects. All psychology students must submit an E2 form as their application for research ethics approval, regardless of whether or not they have ticked ‘yes’ boxes on the E1. This is to ensure all students have the same experience of writing a full description of their research.

For all other modules;

The module leader will advise you on the review procedure for any empirical work carried out as part of a module. It is however, your responsibility to ensure your empirical research has been reviewed and approved and that the relevant research ethics approval form is included in any work you submit for assessment. Work handed in without formal ethical approval will not be assessed.


Example E2 form
What to include in your E2 form
Guidelines for writing an information sheet
Consent form

Information for staff and PhD students

All staff and PhD level research involving human participants is subject to research ethics review. The University research ethics website is where you will find the appropriate forms (the E2U )as well as guidelines on informed consent and committee deadlines. Morag MacLean (room C228), the Psychology Department Research Ethics Officer is happy to discuss projects, advise and read draft applications. Contact her by phone on x3775 or by email

When considering an application for research ethics clearance, check to see if you need research ethics approval:

When is ethics review not required
Determining light-touch review

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