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Our first Plenary conference in June 2012: 'Teachers and Researchers Talking About Writing' brought together teachers, researchers and education professionals and followed on from the Spring 2012 workshops on teaching writing, held in Oxfordshire and other Local Authorities. Following the success of this event, two more conferences were planned for November 2012 and January 2013. These events were open to all with an interest in the teaching of writing to children and were organised by Professor Vince Connelly and Dr Anna Barnett of Oxford Brookes University and Professor Julie Dockrell (Institute of Education, University of London).


Conference 1 : June 2012 (programme and links to presentations)

Enhancing Writing Skills in Children: Teachers and Researchers Talking about Writing
Bringing together knowledge gained from the Writing Workshop Series 2012

Keynote Speaker: Professor Clare Wood on
“Phone Texting and Improving Spelling”


Conference 2 : November 2012 (programme and links to presentations)

Childrens’ Writing in the Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Keynote Speaker: Professor Rhona Stainthorp on
“Getting ready to write in Key Stage 3:
What skills are important?”


Conference 3: January 2013 (programme and links to presentations)

The Teaching of Handwriting and Spelling in Primary and Secondary Schools

Keynote Speaker: Professor Michel Fayol on
“Learning to compose for writing:
How handwriting, spelling and punctuation can act as a constraint on writing in children”


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