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Enhancing Writing Skills in Children: Teachers and researchers talking about writing

The Teaching of Handwriting and Spelling in Primary and Secondary Schools

4.00pm Arrival with tea, coffee and cakes

Browse research posters

4.30pm An introduction to the Teaching of Handwriting and Spelling

Professor Vince Connelly will introduce the evening and provide an overview of current issues surrounding the teaching of handwriting and spelling in schools today.pdf

4.45pm Research into Handwriting and Spelling

Emma Sumner, PhD, Oxford Brookes University. Emma will talk about her recent research using digital writing tablets into the impact of spelling and handwriting on children’s writing development, to illustrate how spelling difficulties can lead to problems and delays in the composing process. pdf

5.05pm Keynote Speaker

Professor Michel Fayol, Université Blaise Pascal-CNRS, Clermont-Ferrand, France. Michel will be speaking on "Learning to compose for writing". He will focus on how spelling, handwriting and punctuation can act as a constraint on writing in children.

5.35pm Question and Answer Session

5.45pm Break for canapés and tea/coffee

Chat to colleagues. Browse research posters.

6.10pm Teachers Talking about Writing

Magdalena Olofsson, Year 6 Teacher & KS2 Leader. Magdalena will draw on her professional experience as well as her Masters research to talk about "Strategies for teaching writing" in her talk. pdf

6.30pm Using Curriculum-Based Measurement of writing in the classroom to monitor progress in writing

Professor Julie Dockrell, Institute of Education, London. Julie will talk about our recent work designing and trialling a new assessment tool for writing across all primary school ages for teachers that is simple to use, quick to mark and very reliable. pdf

6.50pm Handwriting Practice and Measuring Speed of Handwriting

Dr Anna Barnett, Oxford Brookes University. Anna will present research findings on the amount of handwriting undertaken in primary schools today. She will also introduce the DASH, a handwriting speed test for 9-16 year olds. pdf

7.05pm Teachers Talking about Handwriting

Angela Webb, Chair National Handwriting Association. "Handwriting to Writing: one leap or many hops?" pdf

7.20pm General Discussion /Question and Answer Session with teachers and researchers

All speakers and the audience

7.40pm Close with wine and nibbles in the foyer

Chat to colleagues. Browse research posters.

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