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Enhancing Writing Skills in Children: Teachers and researchers talking about writing

Children’s writing in the transition from primary to secondary school

4.00pm Arrival with tea, coffee and cakes

Browse research posters on the development of writing skills in children with dyslexia, DCD and Specific Language Impairment.

4.30pm Teachers and Researchers Talking about Writing: An Introduction

Professor Vince Connelly, Oxford Brookes University Vince will introduce the evening and give an overview of the writing research programme at Brookes and IoE that led up to the “Talking about Writing” Programme which included the recent workshops and conferences. pdf

4.45pm Teachers Talking about Writing

Sheryl Holmes: Specialist Language and Communication Teacher 'Writing issues on transition for children with speech and language difficulties'. pdf

5.00pm Keynote Speaker

Professor Rhona Stainthorp, University of Reading will speak on ‘Getting Ready to Write in Key Stage Three: What skills are important?’ pdf

5.40pm Question and Answer Session

5.50pm Break for canapés and tea/coffee

Chat to colleagues. Browse research posters.

6.10pm Teachers Talking about Writing

Lynda Kay, Advisory Teacher, Gloucester ATS C & I Team ‘Supporting the Development of Planning and Organisation in Writing’. pdf

6.25pm Using Curriculum-Based Measurement of writing in the classroom to monitor progress in writing

Professor Vince Connelly, Oxford Brookes University Vince spoke about our recent work designing and trialling a new assessment tool for writing across all primary school ages for teachers that is simple to use, quick to mark and very reliable. Link

6.50pm Teachers Talking about Writing: A Key Stage 3 Perspective.

Debbie Grimmond, PhD Student, University of Reading & former KS3 Teacher ‘Writing at KS3 - transition and the end game: Perspectives of a secondary school teacher’. pdf

7.05pm General Discussion /Question and Answer Session with teachers and researchers

All speakers and the audience

7.30pm Close with wine and nibbles in the foyer

Chat to colleagues. Browse research posters.

For more information please contact us at ewsc@brookes.ac.uk or phone: 01865 483926.

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This project is funded by the ESRC and the Leverhulme Trust