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Professor Vincent Connelly MA (Hons), PhD

Vincent Connelly

Vince is a Professor of Psychology and the Programme Leader for Psychology, Department of Psychology, Social Work & Public Health, Oxford Brookes University.

Vince is currently involved with a number of organisational projects studying personnel and their families in the UK military. He is leading on this MoD sponsored project to understand the welfare support available to families of reservists and is working with colleagues at Edinburgh and Aberdeen on an ESRC funded project to understand how Reservists, their families and their employers negotiate Reserve service. Having had much experience of Reserve service himself he is well placed to contribute to these projects. He also completed a well-regarded piece of work looking to explain the common tensions between Regular and reserve components in the UK. He has been invited to brief a number of senior Government officials on this work including, for example, an invited talk at the US Department of Defence at the Pentagon.

He is a Fellow of the Inter University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society, and is on the advisory board for the King’s Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR).

Vince's major expertise lies in Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Research Design and Military organisational psychology research.

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Professor Nicola T Fear BSc (Hons), MSc, DPhil (Oxon)

  Nicola Fear Nicola holds a Chair in Epidemiology and is Director of the King's Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR) at King's College London. Before joining King's, Nicola spent two years as a Consultant Epidemiologist with the UK Ministry of Defence.

Nicola leads a number of high profile studies regarding the health and wellbeing of military personnel (regulars and reserves), veterans and their families which have been awarded funding from the UK Ministry of Defence and, the US Department of Defense. For example, Nicola currently leads a programme of research on military families - looking at their needs and interventions available to support these needs.

Alongside her research, Nicola frequently briefs senior government officials, military leaders and Service charities on the work of KCMHR and the impact of service life on personnel, veterans and families.

Nicola's major expertise lies in occupational and deployment stress, psychological health and well-being, epidemiological research methods, and family based research.

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Dr Zoe Morrison BA (Hons), MSc

  Zoe Morrison Zoe is a senior lecturer in Management Studies at the University of Aberdeen, and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

Zoe's research focuses on social and relational understandings of change in organisations, including technology-enabled change, and the work and well-being implications of changing forms of employment. For example, Zoe's current projects include MoD and ESRC funded studies regarding the future of the armed forces, with a particular focus on Reservists.

She works with defence to understand how to support organisational, individual and family transitions relating to military service. She was involved in a preliminary study which considered social support affecting the recruitment, retention and performance of Reservists; this directly informed a Green Paper consultation and subsequent White Paper, leading to further Ministry of Defence (MoD) initiatives and international defence collaborations, including the Future Reserves Research Programme.

Zoe's major expertise lies in organisational change, implementation research, and military and NHS research.

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Dr Sarah Hennelly BA (Hons), MRes

  Sarah Hennelly Sarah is a post-doctoral researcher, research methods instructor, and associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. Sarah's research interests focus on psychological and lifestyle-related health and wellbeing, mindfulness-based interventions, and maternal health behaviour change. She has extensive experience of mixed-methods and qualitative research and data analysis.

Sarah's major expertise lies in Research methods, questionnaire design, psychological health and well-being, and behaviour change interventions.

Joanna Smith BSc (Hons), MSc

  Joanna Smith Joanna completed a masters in War and Psychiatry through King's College London.

Joanna's key interests focus on the psychological effects of trauma, especially in the context of warfare on military personnel and civilians.

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