Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by masters students at the end of their course

When will I hear about my results?

All of your results are provisional until after the exam board, which is usually held in December. Your results will be available on your PIP about two weeks after the exam board. At this time you will also be sent a letter from us to confirm your results. With this letter you will also receive an official (embossed) copy of your transcripts you will need to log on to PIP in order to book onto a graduation ceremony and you will only be eligible for the first ceremony after the exam board.

Please note: Your results and any correspondence about graduation will be sent to the address that is registered on PIP as your HOME address - so make sure that when you leave Brookes, whatever is on your PIP as your home address is indeed the address where you would like your results sent.

When will I receive my official degree certificate?

Within 4 months of the exam board you will receive a certificate from the Conferment Office to confirm your award.

Where can I get extra copies of my transcript?

If you need extra formal copies of your transcripts (for job or PhD applications or for government confirmation of your degree), then you need to approach the course administrator (Rob Vale). A charge will be made for this service dependent on various issues (e.g. how many copies you need, whether they are to be sent to a UK, EU or overseas address etc). The service fee needs to be paid preferably by cash or cheque - but in some cases a direct debit is possible, in which case you should ask the course administrator for the Brookes bank account details.

When is graduation?

Oxford Brookes graduation ceremonies are formal occasions to celebrate student achievement. They are held three times a year – in April, June and September. You will be invited to register for the correct ceremony via your PIP .

A letter should be sent to you from the Conferment Office – and the course administrator usually sends another email to everyone to try and get them to register online (before the deadline).

When do I lose my Brookes email?

You get 200 days of PIP/facilities access after the course completion date (which is on your PIP).

Who can write me a reference for a job application or for further study?

Course tutors are usually happy to supply references for students. You can ask any member of staff who you feel knows you best. This might include your course director, personal tutor or project supervisor. It is considered courteous to ask someone first if they will act as a referee for you and to provide them with some information about your application (and perhaps a copy of your CV).

Why have I still not received my official certificate?

If you have not received your official certificate within 4 months of notification of your award/graduation, then please contact the Conferment Office direct on The first thing that will be checked is whether the home address you have on your PIP page is the correct address. If not, it is quite possible that the certificate was sent back to the Conferment Office. Certificates are always sent by recorded mail and if the addressee is not present to sign for the certificate and/or the certificate does not get picked up from the local postal office within a certain time, the certificate gets sent back to the University. There will be a charge for resending your certificate in the case of an incorrect address on PIP.

Can I apply for a work visa after I graduate?

Yes you can apply for a work visa after you have successfully finished your Masters degree with us and received notification from the exam board that you have graduated. For further information on this visa scheme, please check out the International Student Advice Service’s website For advice on this matter, do contact to make an appointment.


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