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What is the BPS?

The British Psychological Society (BPS) is the representative body and the authoritative and public voice of psychology in the United Kingdom. It aims to make psychology accessible to everyone and to promote and advance this intriguing discipline.

Therefore, the BPS offers numerous services to support psychologists and those with an interest in psychology, by:

  • Reserving and recognising the history of psychology
  • Raising standards of education, training and practice
  • Setting standards in psychological testing
  • Publishing information material for the public
  • Campaigning to increase the awareness and influence of psychology in society
  • Organising conferences and events
  • Supporting the BPS´s members’ careers and professional development

How do I become a student member?

Belonging to the society can be a huge advantage when it comes to your psychology career or even if you’re simply just interested in psychology.

Student membership is available to everyone studying a BPS accredited undergraduate degree or conversion course.

There are many numerous benefits of belonging to the Society, such as:

Free online access to the Society’s academic journals, selected Wiley-Blackwell journals and EBSCO Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection

  • A free subscription to the Society’s monthly magazine
  • Discount of 30% on books from BPS Blackwell and 20% discount on selected books from Oxford University Press
  • Job vacancies and careers advice
  • Network and communicate with like-minded people in scientific, professional, regional and special interest groups.
  • Conferences and events (attendance for members at reduces rates)

And many more!

If you are interested in joining the BPS or have any more questions, Becca Underwood is the BPS student representative at Oxford Brookes and will be happy to hear from you.