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Oxford Brookes Careers

The university has an excellent careers service that is able to support you both throughout your degree and after you have graduated.

Whilst you are studying at Oxford Brookes the careers team can help you with applying for part-time jobs and sharing with you the latest volunteering opportunities in the area which may enhance your studying.

The careers service also run a number of events throughout the year that feature guest speakers, workshops and informative films and documentaries. These events cover a range of career paths including those directly related to psychology and others which are suited to a range of degree subjects.

By working with the careers team, the Psychology society hopes to help psychology students better understand the wide range of possibilities they have available to them because of the skills they develop throughout their degree. Our carefully selected guest speakers will also explain what their jobs involve and how they have reached their position through their work and experience, this helps students see how it is possible to shape their own career.

One of the many events that are being arranged is a mixer session between the second year psychology students of Oxford Brookes and those at Oxford University. This event will allow students to network and share their different experiences of the subject with each other, widening their view of the possibilities provided by psychology.

For more information visit the careers page on the university website.


BPS advice

The British Psychological society has its own careers portal on their website that provides a vast amount of information about psychology in the workplace. This section will help you to understand the different areas of the subject and advise you on suitable work experience to help you progress in a psychology career.

On the page you will also find interactive tools that can recommend the next step for you to take depending on your academic position, making them useful to anyone who is studying psychology or has already graduated!

Visit the BPS careers page if you would like to find out more about your path into psychology.

BPS Advice


In any career it’s important to have contacts who work in the same field as you. With a network of people you can share opportunities, knowledge and advice about your career path.

Linked in is a great website that allows you to do just this.

Once you’ve got an account you can follow employers and organisations you’re interested in and link with people in your field, as well as list your experience and skills for everyone to see.

Our Psychology society has its own Linked in page here , and you’ll also be able to find a number of fellow Oxford Brookes student and staff too!


Alongside your academic qualifications employers are usually looking at your experience when considering you for a job. This is because experience can provide you with invaluable skills that can’t be taught to you.

Volunteering is a great way to gain such experience, it doesn’t have to be directly related to your subject, any experience is valued by employers!

The university has its own volunteering section within the careers page that provides information about a number of opportunities available.

There are a number of volunteering websites that allow you to freely search for positions available in the local area, the links for some can be found at the bottom of this page.