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Student feedback

Student feedback is vital to improving your teaching. The psychology society at Oxford Brookes is one of several different ways you can pass on your feedback.


Department representatives

Department reps are students who step forward to represent their entire department with the Union and its officers and are responsible for the direction of the Union, as well as raising important issues with the University on your behalf.

Department reps sit on the Union Council and are invited to the Faculty Academic Enchancement and Standards Committee (FAESC) where they raise student issues. They also organise and chair ‘Rep Forums’ where student reps can come and raise concerns.

Department reps are elected in semester two each year, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in becoming the representative for your department.


Who is my Department representative?

You can go to your department rep with issues, queries, complaints or praise. Sometimes you may feel more comfortable speaking to your Department rep if you have an issue that you feel you can’t raise directly with the University or your lecturers.

They are students who are currently studying in the Department of Psychology, Social Work and Public Health, so you can be sure that they will have an understanding of your issue and the ability to help resolve any problems.

Your current department representative is Emily Arnold.


Psychology student representatives

In addition to your department reps, there are a number of Psychology student representatives who represent you and your concerns.

These representatives are fellow Psychology students who are currently studying Oxford Brookes, they are here to represent you and to liaise the teaching staff in Psychology.


Who are my student representatives?

Amy Garden Ingunn Lunde Heggebo
1st year undergraduate reps - Amy Garden & Ingunn Lunde Heggebo

Cara Law
2nd year undergraduate rep  - Cara Law

Amanda Schroeder
3rd year undergraduate rep - Amanda Schroeder

SQC reps - Hannah Grovenor


Staff-student meetings

Each semester, teaching staff within the department hold an undergraduate & postgraduate subject committee meeting to discuss how modules are going and where improvements (if any) might be made.

These meetings are attended by all relevant module leaders and are a great opportunity for you to voice your opinions and to let us know what you think about your modules?

Semester 1 – Thursday 23rd October (12pm-1pm - C221)

Semester 2 – Thursday 26th February (12pm-1pm - C221)


OBU Teaching awards

We have a great team of staff in the Psychology department at Brookes, for example Dr Sian Jones won a teaching award in May 2014 for the ‘Best Academic Advisor’.

As well as this, the teaching staff are often more than happy to help and aid students with any problems they may have. Staff also aid the society with organising social events or demonstrations of equipment used in Psychological research, for example: Eye-trackers, the BabyLab and the EEG Lab.