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The Psychology society is organised by a small committee of undergraduate Psychology students. Here is quick overview of the current committee:

Amy Garden

Amy Garden (Psychology society president)
I am responsible for overseeing the work of the Psychology society student committee and to ensure that members are each playing an active role and that everything is up to date.

I am in my second year of studying Psychology at Oxford Brookes with a passion for both Clinical and Educational psychology.

I am also a student representative for second year Psychology and I’m involved in the Psychology Peer Mentoring scheme. If you have any suggestions for the society or if I can help you in these regards please contact me.

Amanda Selinger

Amanda Selinger (Psychology society vice President)

As vice president, I will undertake many of the same roles to the President, and will assume responsibility for the Psychology society in the absence of the president.

I am in my second year of studying Psychology and I’m interested in developmental and clinical psychology. I’m also involved in the Psychology Peer Mentoring scheme.

Anna Gruen

Anna Gruen (Treasurer)

Although the Psychology society is not a fee-taking society, I will be responsible for all expenses claims made by the society.

I am currently in my second year at Brookes, studying Psychology with Business Management. I really like the combination of the two subjects and plan to pursue a career in human resources.

Siobhan Grandis

Siobhan Grandis (Secretary)

As society secretary I am responsible for noting relevant discussion points and important decisions made at committee meetings, and reporting them on Facebook page for the benefit of non-committee members.

I am currently in my final year of studying psychology and have a growing interest in Counselling Psychology.

Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis (Publicity officer) 

My role as publicity office involves raising the profile of the society (and its activities) amongst psychology students at Oxford Brookes University.

I am currently in my final year and predominantly interested in social psychology.

Ingunn Lunde Heggebo

Ingunn Lunde Heggebo (Social secretary) 

As social secretary, I am responsible for organising social events as well as keeping the Facebook page regularly updated.

I am currently in my second year and want to work in clinical psychology.

Becca Underwood

Becca Underwood (Careers correspondent) 

I am responsible for working the with Oxford Brookes Careers service in order to organise and / or publicise career events that are relevant to Psychology students.

I am currently in my final year and aiming to pursue a career in clinical psychology or as a mental health social worker.

Associate committee members:

Eloise Osborne, Stephanie Foley, Amrit Paddan & Shari Bertie.

Eloise Osborne

Eloise Osborne (General committee member/2nd social secretary) 

I take on the role of general committee member/2nd social secretary. I work alongside the rest of the committee where help is needed, but particularly with social events such as the Society picnic.

I am currently in my third and final year at Brookes studying Psychology and Sociology. I have a particular interest in Social Psychology as it combines really well with my joint subject Sociology. I am undecided in where I want to take my degree post-uni, but I am hoping to work that out within the next year!

Stephanie Foley

Stephanie Foley (Associate committee member) 

I'm in my third year and hoping to go into teaching in primary schools, as I'd like to pursue a career in educational psychology.

Amrit Paddan

Amrit Paddan (Associate committee member) 

I am in my third year and aiming to specialise in clinical psychology after my degree.

Shari Bertie

Shari Bertie (Associate committee member) 

I am currently in my final year and interested in working in a school and eventually being an educational psychologist.


Are you interested in joining the Psychological society committee?

The organising committeeare always interested to hear from psychology students who would like to help with the organisation and running of the society. To discuss joining the committee please contact any of the society committee members via email (

At the end of every academic year there will be open nominations to appoint a new society president and a new organising committee.