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Studying at Oxford Brookes

The Psychology society is also intended to help you with your studies at Oxford Brookes.

In 2014-15, the Psychology society will be working with the Psychology department to help to set-up an academic mentoring scheme for Psychology students in need of help with their studies, finding their way around university or just someone to listen to their worries and concerns.

In addition to this, the Psychology society often work together with individual staff members so that students can take tours of the Babylab and EEG lab as well as witness eye-tracking technology in action. These sessions are aimed at students who would like an insight to professional psychological investigations and to learn more about academic career paths. It is also hoped that this hands-on experience will prove useful when students return to their lectures, and their learning more broadly.


Upgrade is a service offered by Oxford Brookes to aid students who may be struggling with study skills or statistical and mathematical components of their courses.

Upgrade aims to improve student’s achievements through one to one or sessions with small groups and are easily accessible across the campus.

For more information on Upgrade, visit their website at:


Studying abroad

There are many opportunities to study abroad whilst at Brookes as we have links with over 100 other universities worldwide.

Meetings are held throughout the year for students who are interested in studying abroad so that you are able to get further information before making a decision. Some places that we have links with include: Argentina, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA.

For more information, visit:

Studying Abroad

Mentoring scheme

For the semester starting in September 2014 the Psychology Society is helping to set up a mentoring scheme to help students with any aspect of their course that they may be struggling with. Whether you are having problems settling in with university life, the structure of your degree programme, or finding it difficult to understand some of your lectures, this mentoring scheme is hoped to offer an informal and friendly student-to-student support and advice.

We also hope that the mentoring scheme will allow students to create stronger links between each other as a subject group.



If you are having any problems whilst at Brookes, there is also a team of student support coordinators available to help and offer advice.

Student support coordinators can help you with academic issues such as choosing modules that best suit you as well as personal issues that you may wish to talk through or share and seek support with.

The student support coordinators provide confidential and impartial advice.

For further information, visit their website: