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ANOVA Summary Table
This shows the relationships between the values in an ANOVA summary table.

Choosing the best test
Flow chart. Click HERE for a pdf version if you are having difficulties with printing the image large enough.

Dice Two Sample
Direct calculation of p values

Statistical Concepts 1
Notes on variables - Wakefield Carter

Statistical Concepts 2
Notes on the Binomial distribution and hypothesis testing - Wakefield Carter

Statistical Concepts 5
Notes on the General Linear Model (ANOVA and Regression) - Wakefield Carter

VESPR - Statistics FAQ
Statistical musings - Wakefield Carter

Secure Resources

Journey to Dissertation
A video showing the path that statistical teaching and learning takes in the undergraduate programme.

SPSS Version 21
A Psychology Guide to SPSS for Windows: Entering and Analysing Questionnaire data


by Dr R.Stephens and S.Nte - Keele University School of Psychology 2007

D-prime (signal detection) analysis

Different types of sampling
A nice example of different types of sampling

G*Power 3
Free statistical power analysis software

Learning Environment for Multilevel Methods and Applications. Free online stats course.

LTSN Maths, Stats and O.R. Network
Maintained by the University of Glasgow. The best single location for statistics resources on the Internet.

Mini Statistics lessons by The Khan Academy
Helpful short videos about key concepts in Statistics

On the Practice of Dichotomization of Quantitative Variables
MacCallum, Zhang, Preacher, and Rucker (2002)

MATLAB toolbox for testing hypotheses about psychometric functions

Put Points
Java applet for showing correlations and regression lines.

Review of Article on Use of Exploratory Factor Analysis
Dr. Karl L. Wuensch

SPSS Legacy Viewer
Use this utility to view output files from SPSS 15

Statistical Understanding Made Simple
An Automatic Resource Generator for Teaching Statistics.

Statistics for the Terrified: free resources
Glossary of statistical terms and discussion pieces

Statistics Hell
Prof Andy Field's Personal homepage. In the Statistics Hellp section there are lots of hellpful resources

Statistics Learning Centre Videos
Some videos explaining key concepts about statistics