U24190/99 Project Modules Resources

Module Leader: Morag MacLean
Core Text:

Please note: Register your supervisor preferences by 1pm Monday April 8th 2019

Before you do, read the Module Guide and the project topic handbook (see below)

Local Resources

UMP Handbook entry - U24199 (double)  
Registering Project Supervisor Preferences
The deadline for registering supervisor preferences is 1pm on Monday April 8th 2019.

Module Guide 2018-19

Psychology Dissertations
Searchable database of undergraduate dissertations held in the department.

Student guide to using moodle module forms (for M199T)

Supervisor preferred topic areas for 2019-20

Secure Resources

SPSS Summer Practice Questions

U24199 Psychology Project Meeting March 2019


Manchester Metropolitan University Psychology Journal (Dissertations)
This E-Journal publishes the best two final year projects from universities in the UK.
Please note that the reports have not been peer-reviewed and have been presented (more or less) as submitted by the authors for assessment towards their final-year studies at undergraduate level.

SCRIPS [Summary, Citation and Referencing for Psychology Students]
Website designed to assist you in developing your skills in summary, citation and referencing in order to help you with coursework such as essays and laboratory reports.

UK Data Archive Survey Question Bank
The UK Data Archive has launched a site that allows you to access questions (and tabulated responses) in archived surveys. It is useful for recent data on demographics and is fairly easy to use. Recommended for early stages of questionnaire design and for