Online Research Databases Resources


Box of Broadcasts
A way of using and showing TV programmes with copyright clearance

Child Language Data Exchange System at CMU Psycholinguistics.

English Lexicon Project
Generate lists of words and non-words with specific lexical characteristics

EUscreen offers free online access to videos, stills, texts and audio from European broadcasters and audiovisual archives. Explore selected content from early 1900s until today.

Face Recognition Homepage

A database of facial expressions in younger, middle-aged, and older women and men

Google advanced image search
You can find copyright-free images by selecting the relevant filters

JISC Media Hub
Log in via Athens to access “video, image and audio resources from many different collections”.

Make an average face

MRC Psycholinguistic Database
Online database maintained by UWA

Occupational Classification
Online coding system maintained by Warwick Institute for Employment Research

The Psychological Image Collection at Stirling (PICS). A collection of images useful for research in Psychology, such as sets of faces and objects.

The Center for Vital Longevity Face Database
Created at the University of Michigan by Meredith Minear and Denise Park.

UK Data Archive Survey Question Bank
The UK Data Archive has launched a site that allows you to access questions (and tabulated responses) in archived surveys. It is useful for recent data on demographics and is fairly easy to use. Recommended for early stages of questionnaire design and for