Online Tests Resources

Local Resources

WebStat 1.0
Local installation of on-line statistical computations (using Java) by Webster West at the University of South Carolina.


Binomial Calculator

Confidence Interval for Proportions Calculator
Use for percentages in chi-squared tests, etc.

Correlation analysis online
Compare correlations

Downloadable DOS program for testing pattern hypotheses on correlations

Repertory Grids
Introduction and downloadable software.

Signifikanztest fur Kreuzkorrelationen
Online & downloadable statistical tests for cross-lagged panel correlations (in German)

Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis. Includes t-tests using summary statistics.

Stats Links
Links to web pages that perform statistical calculations, plus online tutorials, etc.

The Confidence Interval for the Difference Between Two Independent Proportions
from VassarStats

The Confidence Interval of rho (correlation coefficient)
from VassarStats

Online statistical computations (using JavaScript) by Richard Lowry at Vassar College.

WebGrid III
Online repertory grid analysis by Brian R Gaines and Mildred L G Shaw.