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Local Resources

Module handbook
A copy of your module handbook in pdf format

Multiple choice questions
Formative self-scoring quiz

SPSS data files
Any files you wish to distribute to students can be placed here. However, files need to be saved be the student and then opened from within the software (e.g. SPSS) rather than opened directly.

Secure Resources

Group sign-up lists
You can specify how many groups you would like and the maximum number of students in each group.

Lecture Overheads
Powerpoint slides are downloadable with either 1, 2 or 6 slides per page. The server is secure so then cannot be accessed off campus without a Brookes id and password. Students prefer overheads to appear before the lectures. Please use a dark text on a li

Online Data Entry
The data from each student can be appended to an online database for later conversion to an SPSS data file.

Online Experiments
Web experiments can be created if the timing of the experiment is not critical. Reaction times can only be recorded in seconds and the network speed will sometimes vary the delivery. This example no longer uploads data and only asks for 5 names to be spel

Online papers
Reading lists can be created with links to pdf documents for each paper.

Visual demonstrations
This example is of the Checker-shadow illusion.


External links
Links to other websites relevant to the module.